California Ships to Reefs' vision is to establish a regional system of artificial reefs along the California coast to improve and enhance the California fish, plant and marine ecosystem, and to enhance the tourism industry centered on fishing and diving.
"I think reefing ships is a fantastic win/win/win scenario for sport divers, sport fishermen and the environment. Natural wrecks break down into rubble piles over time and though they will continue to attract fish, the bigger the structure the bigger the attraction and the bigger the ecosystem it will hold and or attract." -- Richie Kohler, Advisory Board, Ships to Reefs International
Quoted from California Diver Magazine
The Guardian of the Reef
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California Ships to Reefs
Announces New San Diego Project

Cayman Guardian Deployment

Group against sinking ship to create artificial reef off Sunshine Coast files petition in court

The permit referenced in the link below is contingent upon ARSBC obtaining the Provincial Government permit referenced in the link above. Please note this is now in litigation and may take more than two years to resolve. The Admiralty Court currently has jurisdiction over the vessel and nothing can occur without their permission.


Federal permit issued to sink former warship HMCS Annapolis

Canadian warship may become
new dive site in San Diego

SAN DIEGO – City Council voted to move forward on a proposal to sink a 366-foot decommissioned Canadian Navy destroyer off the coast of Mission Beach next year.

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CSTR Working to Save Ships to Reefs in the U.S.

As the future of artificial reefing in California and the U.S. faces great challenges, we hope you will join us fighting to make changes in Washington DC. We are vigorously working to reverse the Maritime Administration’s (MARAD) recent decision which eliminates all National Defense Reserve Fleet vessels from consideration as artificial reefs. MARAD’s policy change removed the previously approved Kawishiwi from our plans for reefing. We submitted thousands of petition signatures to Congress and White House, protesting this change and we’re lobbying to change the federal law which prevents MARAD and the Navy from communicating, negotiating and contracting with non-governmental organizations such as CSTR.

CSTR needs all its supporters now to help us chart the future for artificial reefing. Your tax deductible contributions bring economic benefits to your industry and your community as new reefs create greater diving, fishing and other recreational opportunities. The monetary and merchandise donations you give are only one way to be part of the adventure.  Volunteer your time - we have something for everyone to do.

To Reef or To Scrap - CSTR Presentation

Please email or fax your own letter to the Whitehouse and your Congressional Delegation.

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U.S. Government Ends The Sinking Of Old Ships as Artificial Reefs

SEATTLE, Washington, Sept. 6, 2012 - The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD)
has adopted a new policy that effectively terminates the federal artificial reefing program that allowed the scuttling of old ships for so-called "artificial reefs" – a practice that dates back to the Liberty Ship Act of 1972.
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Ocean's 13 Presentation

Please click this link to read about the Uribe

Baja California Divers Uribe Project
Ship Arrived in Ensenada Sunday, February 9

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