Through supplementing the California coast’s natural reef environments, California Ships to Reefs endeavors to increase the economic opportunities of all California coastal communities, and will provide increased economic benefit through sport fishing and scuba diving opportunities, and, once fully developed, become recreational attractions functioning in harmony with marine ecosystems.
"I think reefing ships is a fantastic win/win/win scenario for sport divers, sport fishermen and the environment. Natural wrecks break down into rubble piles over time and though they will continue to attract fish, the bigger the structure the bigger the attraction and the bigger the ecosystem it will hold and or attract." -- Richie Kohler, Advisory Board, Ships to Reefs International
Quoted from California Diver Magazine


August 14, 2014

Islands Trust asks province to stop sinking of warship

The Islands Trust has once again asked Environment Minister Mary Polak to intervene in the proposed sinking of the decommissioned warship HMCS Annapolis in Halkett Bay. Read more here.

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