Through supplementing the California coast’s natural reef environments, California Ships to Reefs endeavors to increase the economic opportunities of all California coastal communities, and will provide increased economic benefit through sport fishing and scuba diving opportunities, and, once fully developed, become recreational attractions functioning in harmony with marine ecosystems.
"I think reefing ships is a fantastic win/win/win scenario for sport divers, sport fishermen and the environment. Natural wrecks break down into rubble piles over time and though they will continue to attract fish, the bigger the structure the bigger the attraction and the bigger the ecosystem it will hold and or attract."
-- Richie Kohler, Advisory Board, Ships to Reefs International                      
Quoted from California Diver Magazine
Please Help CSTR Save Ships to Reefs in the U.S.

Dear Friend of California Ships to Reefs,

As the future of artificial reefing in California faces great challenges, we hope you will join us in finding new and creative ways to expand our mission. Enriching our ocean with artificial reefs is a critical part of the diving and fishing industries’ future. And California Ships to Reefs (CSTR) is in the vanguard of that movement. With your support we have made tremendous progress this year. This includes:

  • We are working with the City of Dana Point to make used harbor pier pilings available for reefing near the harbor. This is all part of CSTR’s mission to use ingenuity and existing materials that would have previously been scrapped to enhance our ocean environment. The Harbor’s Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) was approved by the Planning Department and is awaiting approval by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

  • We are vigorously working to reverse the Maritime Administration’s (MARAD) recent decision which eliminates all National Defense Reserve Fleet vessels from consideration as artificial reefs. MARAD’s policy change removed the previously approved Kawishiwi from our plans for reefing. We started an iPetition and letter writing campaign to Congress and White House, protesting this change and we’re lobbying to change the federal law which prevents MARAD and the Navy from communicating, negotiating and contracting with non-governmental organizations such as CSTR.

  • We held a very successful Casino de Mayo Party in conjunction with SCUBA Show in Long Beach this year. It was a well-attended event and we expect to do the same in 2013. We will also be holding a silent auction fundraiser in Northern California in May, 2013, in conjunction with the 2 nd Annual Northern California Dive and Travel Expo in Santa Clara.

CSTR needs all its supporters now to help us chart the future for artificial reefing. Your contributions go directly to our mission. Our lean, all volunteer organization continues to pile up impressive legislative and practical accomplishments. Our commitment, skill and dedication have brought us more victories than well-funded lobbying groups many times our size. Your tax deductible contributions bring economic benefits to your industry and your community as new reefs create greater diving, fishing and other recreational opportunities.

The monetary and merchandise donations you give are only one way to be part of the adventure. We ask you to also sign the iPetition here on our website and/or write to your own Congressional delegation and the Whitehouse using the sample letter link. We welcome your volunteer efforts through serving on our committees or staffing special events. Every contribution is valuable to us, and in this season of giving, we want to give our thanks to you for all you have done. Please help us make 2013 our most successful year ever.

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